Dec 17, 2021

Outsourcing Behavioral Health Billing Can Save Money

Young doctor smiles as he uses iPhone as he sits at desk in front of an open MacBook, empty coffee mug, and potted plant

Behavioral health is a complex field in itself. The behavioral health billing process is not simple for providers and facilities. When we talk to providers who are considering outsourcing, we often hear the same message. They are spending too much time on administrative tasks including billing and claims. In return, not enough time is spent with their number one priority: their patients. 

At Nextus Billing Solutions, we exist to help your behavioral health practice with claims submission, authorizations, documentation management, collections, eligibility verification, quick reimbursements, and more. Here are a few of the many ways that outsourcing your billing claims and collections to the experts can save your practice money.

Lower practice overhead expenditures

The pandemic has affected all areas of life and business. Eliminating in-house positions (that often come with health insurance, retirement contributions, and benefits) and outsourcing those responsibilities have become a necessity to help facilities and practices stay afloat. 

Another way that outsourcing helps with lowering overhead costs is the fact that you don’t have to pay for a vacation or sick time. In addition, you don’t need to worry about finding new talent, onboarding employees, or dealing with turnovers.

Avoid expensive mistakes

Mistakes happen. Your staff is busy answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, admitting new patients, submitting claims to insurers, answering questions for family members, caring for patients’ needs, and managing your facility…the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder that billing errors occur. Insurance companies then require a claim to be resubmitted. After, you wait for it to be accepted, processed then paid out.

When you outsource your behavioral health billing to a company like Nextus Billing Solutions, we manage your insurance billing to keep your acceptance rates high. You need your patients and their insurance companies to pay for their visits in a timely manner. Properly completed claims are essential for vast reimbursements from insurance companies, and that’s exactly how we can help.

Compare outsourcing fees to current in-house costs

Before making your decision to outsource your behavioral health billing sit down and crunch the numbers. Look at your profit and losses to see what you’re currently spending. Then compare it to the company’s fees that you’re considering for your outsourcing. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we will meticulously go after every dollar you deserve from the insurance carriers. We want to see your practice be profitable, have more time with patients, and maximize your payment speed. We stay in front of the changes to keep you informed of the latest standards for claims processing.

Nextus Billing Solutions offers comprehensive behavioral health billing services. These services allow you to focus on your clients while our team takes care of everything else. Our solutions will save you time so you can spend it doing what matters most – helping people get better!

In conclusion, make your behavioral health billing easier with us. If your company is looking to maximize payment speed and potential, schedule a free consultation to speak with one of our representatives today. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we specialize in tailored billing programs for long-term solutions.