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exists because behind every claim is someone’s family, neighbor, or friend.

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We help you so you can help others

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We know that behind every claim is someone’s family, neighbor, or friend and that is what drives us. We relentlessly fight for our clients, never giving up on chasing down a claim. We stop when you get paid. We believe in people first with high transparency and a highly responsive team. We are experts in Behavioral Health billing with full-service Revenue Cycle Management services including VOBs, Utilization Review, and Claims management. With our exclusive breakthrough software, Cereus, we use years of cumulative data to forecast insurance payments and eliminate the guesswork. Cereus allows you to focus on your operations and make better business decisions.

We have a measure twice, cut once mindset. Our internal processes lead to a 99% first pass acceptance rate.

We are Cereus about getting you paid.


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Amazing Nextus clients

Just kidding…wanted to see if you’re still there. We love 100% of our clients. 5% are super amazing! Be the 5%!


Our Team

Vinny Resnick - CEO of Nextus Billing

Vinny Resnick

Chief Executive Officer

Yves Sidney - Chief Operating Officer

Yves Sidney

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Palladino - Vice President – Client Services

Matt Palladino

Vice President – Client Services

Courtney Dickson - Director Of Billing

Courtney Dickson

Director of Billing

Andrew Smith - Director Of Clinical Services

Andrew Smith

Director of Clinical Services

Roman Bronshteyn - Director Of Client Services

Roman Bronshteyn

Director of Client Services

Joe Piskura-Director Of Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Joe Piskura

Director of Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Gigi Ghoneim- Director of Human Resources

Gigi Ghoneim

Director of Human Resources

Our Services

Relentlessly transforming the billing and claims service space.

Billing and Claims

Claims Processing ● Billing ● Negotiations

Utilization Review

Maximization ● Authorizations ● Document Management

Verification of Benefits

Accuracy ● Faster Reimbursements ● Fewer Declines


Nextus Billing Solutions- Powered by People Like You

Great Culture

If you like working with other professionals in a place that values your skills, you should be here.

Great compensation

Nextus staff enjoy competitive compensation packages that recognize their value.

Great Mission

In the end, our job is helping people and that's the best job to have.


Your success is our biggest goal.

Christopher Ferry- Owner/Founder Boca Recovery Center
Christopher Ferry
Boca Recovery Center

“Nextus Billing Solutions is the number one go to for Billing and claims services in the Behavioral Health Industry. They provide a great service. Very effective communication and great visibility.“

Kevin Alter- Co-Founder Huntington Beach Recovery and Surfside Recovery
Kevin Alter
Huntington Beach Recovery and Surfside Recovery

“When it came to choosing a company to partner with we looked for a few things. Who could insure our clients were offered the appropriate level of care? Who would work the hardest to achieve a proper length of stay fitting for the severity of their disorder? And who would do both of these at the lowest cost to them and their families? Nextus Billing Solutions checked all of those boxes, and they’ve never unchecked them.“

Michael Maddaloni, BSW- COO All In Solutions - Boynton Beach All In Solutions - New Jersey 1 Solution Detox
Michael Maddaloni, BSW
All In Solutions - Boynton Beach
All In Solutions - New Jersey
1 Solution Detox

“During my 16 years working in healthcare I have worked with many different billing companies. Nextus has provided me with the best experience. The team at Nextus and Matt Palladino will provide you with outstanding service. The professionalism and dedication executed by this company will exceed all expectations. Most importantly, I trust the integrity and character of the leadership team at Nextus.“

Dr. Ron E. Pruitt- Chief Medical Officer Brentwood Springs Detox Detox West Tennessee
Dr. Ron E. Pruitt
Chief Medical Officer
Brentwood Springs Detox
Detox West Tennessee

“The team at Nextus goes above and beyond anything that we can ask for. It was hard for us to find a good billing company early on. Nextus handles everything properly and no ball is ever dropped. We have a true partnership with Nextus and are grateful we found them.“

Juan Bellu- CEO TruPath Recovery
Juan Bellu
TruPath Recovery

"Nextus has taken care of us from day one. We have great trust and confidence in them. They have consistently continued to exceed our expectations. They have excellent processes in place that give us great visibility over our billing and claims."

Garrett Stanford- Chief Executive Officer Create Recovery Center
Garrett Stanford
Chief Executive Officer
Create Recovery Center

"Nextus has been a great 3rd party billing company to work with. They have been consistent with all arenas of the billing and collection space. From UR to VOBs, to Claim submission and follow up. I feel that my concerns or inquiries are taken very seriously.

Pete has been a great account manager. That’s another thing, They’ll assign a specific point person to your company. In the past I would not have a direct point of contact to answer or meet any of my needs and I wouldn't know who to turn to.

Lastly, all their training for documentation with clinicians have been incredibly thorough and has increased our center’s overall performance. I really feel like we are “fighting the same battle,” and they work as best as possible to support my treatment center’s sustainability and growth."

Patrick Murray- Director of Operations Recovery Institute of Ohio
Patrick Murray
Director of Operations
Recovery Institute of Ohio

"The Nextus team has gone above and beyond to help with anything my team and I have needed. Matt has been extremely professional and reliable any time of the day. They are one of the major reasons we are successful. Thank you Nextus!!"

Peter Dacchille- Owner/Founder Magnolia Ranch Recovery
Peter Dacchille
Magnolia Ranch Recovery

"We love the entire Nextus Billing Solutions team! They have been with us from day one and have been instrumental to our success."

Daniel Regan-CEO Relevance Behavioral Health
Daniel Regan
Relevance Behavioral Health

"My experience with Nextus has been nothing but a blessing. We had a lot of difficulties with past billing companies and Nextus was able to help us get out of the rut. They are prompt and thorough with their services and communication. If there is any problem I have multiple people to contact that get me the answers I need. Nextus has become more of a partner than a third party service agency, which has help me grow my business."