Aug 19, 2022

Finding the Best Billing Company for Substance Abuse

A magnifying glass is used to focus on a section of some bills calculated on a sheet of paper next to an open pen and a calculator

Your rehab facility deserves the best of the best when it comes to an outsourced billing company. When looking for a billing company for substance abuse, it is important to look for specific qualities that match your facility’s needs. It is imperative to have peace of mind to focus on your patience and know that your billing is taken care of the right way. When assessing if an outsource billing company is right for you and your facility consider a few things. You want to ensure that there is good chemistry between you and the billing provider. They must go above and beyond to meet your needs. Check out these tips and tricks for finding the best billing company for substance abuse:

A Billing Company That Understands

First and foremost, you don’t want to hire a random billing company. You want a company that truly understands the ins and outs of your rehab facility. A billing company that understands how imperative your facility is to other people’s lives. There is a sense of urgency and empathy when the people handling your billing process are in tune with what your facility provides for its patients. When they don’t understand, it often creates a gap between the billing company and the facility they’re providing for. This can lead to slow turnaround times and less attention to detail and doing what is right for the sake of your facility.

A Billing Company That Provides Account Management

It’s shocking how many billing companies don’t provide specific account management for their clients. The best billing companies know how important providing account managers for each of their facilities is to the overall success of their billing and claims.  There can be one singular person that can focus their attention on your rehab facility and its billing needs. Without this, it’s difficult to feel like your facility is receiving the time and attention that it deserves.

A Billing Company That Prioritizes You

Priorities matter when it comes to finding a billing company for substance abuse. Is the billing company you’re looking for one that has a selfish ambition? Do they prioritize you and your facility first? It’s all about finding a billing and claims service that treats your business as if it is its own business because it truly is. With Nextus, you can have peace of mind knowing that your facility is properly prioritized and that its best interest is put first. 

A Billing Company That Gets the Job Done

Last but certainly not least is finding a billing and claims company that gets the job done. What we mean by that is that they make sure they are always fighting for what you and your facility deserve in terms of billing and claims. They will not rest until they know that you have gotten the most out of your compensation. The services your rehab facility provides are important, oftentimes intense, and imperative to the well-being of your patients. Therefore, you should be compensated as such. The right billing and claims company knows that and fights on its behalf. 

We are a billing company that understands and provides account management that prioritizes you. One that gets the job done is the kind of billing company you want on your side. Running a facility for substance abuse rehab is serious business. The billing and claims that come with that should be handled with great care. To learn more about a billing and claims company that would be a great match for your rehab facility, visit our website!