Apr 18, 2022

Why Behavioral Health Billing?

A bunch of different color, sizes, and types of pills

It is common for us to use this space to talk about things like revenue cycle management or why your behavioral health program should consider outsourcing its billing function. Those topics are important, but there is more to Nextus Billing Solutions than revenue cycle management. Why we specialize in behavioral health billing is as important as what we do. That is because it affects the services you get from us.

Every claim is someone’s loved one

When we submit for your facility it represents a person that is in need of your services. Every one of them is a son or daughter, husband or wife, friend or neighbor to someone. They are someone’s loved ones. That thought guides our services team and has become one of our core motivators. When we’re on hold with a carrier for what seems like an eternity, this idea helps us stay focused on the goal. It is what drives us to succeed on your behalf with the insurance companies. Helping you helps them.

Why Behavioral Health Billing

We specialize solely in billing solutions for behavioral health programs and treatment facilities. Our clients are not general practitioners who occasionally refer a patient to a treatment program. We stay in our lane and set out each day with the intention of doing it markedly better than anyone else in our sector can do.

Behavioral Health is often underserved

When an employer or consumer is shopping for health insurance, they often do not spend a lot of time examining the differences in coverage for behavioral health services. They look at co-pays for office visits or emergency room deductibles. Unless they have dealt with behavioral health matters in the past, it often does not factor into their choices. This leaves a lot of people with minimal coverage and a hesitancy to get the treatment they or their loved one needs.

Do what you love

Nobody gets into the behavioral health field because they enjoy billing. We are experts in the behavioral health sector. Some of us have worked in behavioral health programs or treatment centers. By knowing the unique demands, we are able to better serve your program so you can put your attention fully on your patients. We take the billing part off of your plate so you can focus on the part that you love. Our expertise and tenacity are applied to make sure you are fairly reimbursed for those services.  Then you can continue to provide the best services you can provide.

We can help

Behavioral health treatment can make for some long and mentally draining days. Nextus Billing Solutions can keep you from spending your time and energy on your billing function so you can devote it to those clients that need it. We have the expertise to handle your billing needs efficiently and thoroughly. We will worry about getting the insurance carriers to do their part so you can spend your time helping your clients.

If you are ready to discuss how Nextus Billing Solutions can help your practice be more effective by freeing up time and energy from billing matters, contact us for a consultation. We would love to tell you more.