Apr 14, 2023

Outsourced Behavioral Health Billing and Claims

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When running a behavioral health facility, you may find yourself wondering about the benefits of outsourced billing and claims. It is a fair assumption that keeping your facility’s billing matter in-house is what is best for you and your business. However, as many Nextus Billing Solutions clients have discovered, outsourcing your billing and claims management can be an absolute game changer for both you and your behavioral health facility. You may be wondering why and how this is possible. That’s where our incredibly skilled team at Nextus Billing Solutions comes in! Here are 8 reasons why you should outsource your behavioral health billing and claims:

Credentialing Management

At Nextus Billing Solutions, we offer full-service revenue cycle management. This process includes credentialing as well as network management. Our process greatly reduced the time between providing a behavioral health service and receiving the payment your facility deserves.

Verification of Benefits

Another incredible billing and claims service that we provide at Nextus Billing Solutions is the verification of benefits. We spend hours on the phone verifying benefits so that you do not have to! We essentially give you back the time that should be spent pouring into your business while we handle the logistics of it all.

Utilization Review

Nextus Billing Solutions also offers a top-of-the-line utilization review. We ensure both accuracy and timeliness in order to provide your facility with more efficient results. Nextus is a company that you can count on to ensure the utmost efficiency with your facility’s billing and claims process and management. 

Billing & Claims

Something that sets Nextus Billing Solutions apart from the rest is the visibility we give our clients over their billing and claims process. We have no desire to keep anything from you and your business. We provide the complete transparency that your behavioral health facility deserves.

Revenue Cycle Management

At Nextus, we are proud to say that we have our own software. This software is developed to visualize your revenue cycle as well as track real-time data. Through this process and software, we are able to keep an up-to-date record of where your business is at in regard to billing and claims at all times. 

Payment Negotiations

We know that one of the most daunting parts of the billing and claims process can be payment negotiations. That’s why Nextus handles them on behalf of all of our clients. We take the reigns on third-party payment negotiations so that you do not have to.

Intuitive Software

As mentioned before, Nextus Billing Solutions has developed our very own intuitive software. We call this software Cereus. Cereus is state-of-the-art and one of the best tools we have to use for your billing and claims management.

Account Management

Our account management service is likely one of the most important and valued things that we provide at Nextus Billing Solutions. Our account managers put people first, utilize an excellent and efficient process, and are constantly growing and evolving to better serve you and your business. 

At Nextus Billing Solutions, we treat your business like it’s our own because it truly is. We believe that our process and what we provide bring a new level to the billing and claims world. We specifically partner with behavioral health facilities because we wholeheartedly believe in the work that they are doing. We value that behind every single claim is someone’s friend, neighbor, or family member. To learn more about Nextus and how we can serve you, please visit our website today.