Feb 20, 2023

Learn More About Nextus Billing Solutions

Eyeglasses, notebooks, tape and stapler on a desk.

Nextus Billing Solutions exists because behind every single claim is someone’s family, neighbor, or friend. We help behavioral health facilities so that they can help their patients and clients. As we are often heard saying, “we treat your business like our own because it is”. This is a statement we live and breathe by. It defines who we are as a company and is the motivation behind how we operate. If you have ever been curious about who Nextus is, we would love to tell you more about us! Read on to find out more about Nextus Billing Solutions and who we are.

What Drives Us

As we mentioned before, we know that behind every claim is someone’s family, neighbor, or friend and that is what drives us. We care deeply about the people who are behind the billing and claims associated with a behavioral health facility. Fighting relentlessly for our clients, and never giving up on chasing down a claim is how we work. We stop when you get paid. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we are tireless in our pursuit of what our clients deserve. We know we have the best clients and therefore we know they deserve the best results from us. We believe in people first with high transparency and a highly responsive team. Our team and account managers are simply unmatched. They work hard on behalf of every account they represent because they truly care about the outcome.

We Are Experts

We are experts in behavioral health billing with full-service revenue cycle management services including VOBs, utilization review, and claims management. Being up to date on everything that is happening within the behavioral health billing world is a regular part of our practice. We are a billing solutions company that will continuously go above and beyond for our clients. At Nextus, we believe that a major part of that is making ourselves experts in behavioral health billing. We stop at nothing to provide services for our clients that are helpful and effective and make sure their billing and claims are well managed.

We Offer Breakthrough Software

With our exclusive breakthrough software, Cereus, we use years of cumulative data to forecast insurance payments and eliminate the guesswork. We have worked tirelessly to develop Cereus as a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art software that enhances what we are able to do for our clients. Cereus allows our clients to focus on their operations and make better business decisions. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we have a measure twice, cut once mindset. Our software makes every step possible to ensure accuracy so that we don’t have to continuously backtrack.  Our internal processes lead to a 99% first-pass acceptance rate. We are “Cereus” about getting you paid. It matters to us that we get the job done right the first time in order to ensure that you, as our client, get exactly what you deserve.

At Nextus Billing Solutions, we are proud of who we are and what we do. It is our honor to serve our clients and care for their billing and claims. We know that working in behavioral health can be demanding which is why it is so important to us to handle your billing solutions with care and accuracy. To learn more about us, please visit our website today!