Apr 21, 2022

Behavioral Health Treatment Center Billing is Our Focus

Two men rest their hands on the shoulder of man sharing something uncomfortable in a group therapy session

Most people are familiar with the phrase “jack of all trades”. It comes from a slightly longer aphorism “Jack of all trades, master of none.” In short, it reminds us that we can be functional in a lot of different things but can’t truly master everything. This holds true in behavioral health treatment center billing. At Nextus, we are not juggling billing for podiatrists and cancer treatment. We focus solely on the behavioral health sector and our mastery of it is your gain.

Focus pays off

Our narrow focus on behavioral health treatment center billing has allowed us to become experts in that sector. Your staff probably does not have time to read about changes in insurance billing processes, changes in coding or legislative changes that affect your program. They have other things to do, like provide your clients with the care that they need. We are set up to know these things, adapt to changes rapidly and make the adjustments that keep your revenue cycle management on track.

Billing accuracy

Industry studies have indicated that an estimated 30%- 40% of bills contain errors. Some advocacy groups have estimated it to be more. Sometimes the inaccuracy is a clerical error, such as duplicate entries. Other times, patients have switched insurance carriers and haven’t told anyone. A study in Connecticut found that out of the 2.2 million claims denied in 2019, 38% were either duplicate claims, had incomplete information or the claimant wasn’t enrolled in the plan.

Regardless, accuracy matters on two fronts. First, inaccurate bills will often get denied reimbursement by the insurance carriers. Your bills need to get resubmitted and your income slows. Second, it matters to your clients. They may end up paying more than they need to pay out of pocket if that error goes uncorrected.

Fewer rejections

The US Department of Labor estimated that 1 in 7 claims is initially denied. That’s around 14%. Billing inaccuracies are a cause of rejection, but not the only cause. Yes, there can be legitimate reasons for the denial. It is also not unheard of for an insurance company to deny claims your clients have a right to. The industry may have resigned itself to dealing with that 14%, but we have not. Nextus has a 99% first-pass claim acceptance. We use a “measure twice, cut once approach” that works for you. Our experts will conduct comprehensive utilization reviews that will ensure accuracy and efficiency. A little extra time on the front end pays dividends on the back end.


By staying in our sector and keeping the focus on what we are great at, we are able to enjoy an agility that benefits our clients. Nextus has developed a state-of-the-art, intuitive, proprietary software program. If hearing a phrase like that makes you think you’ll be doing nothing but dealing with a computer, we’re happy to say that is not the case. Everything we do is designed to be easy to use and keep lines of communication open. Dedicated account managers that actually answer the phone when you call them. Claims specialists that relentlessly follow your claim. Of course, our goal is to maximize the outcomes of behavioral health treatment center billing for you, but not at the expense of the relationship. You are dedicated to your clients. We are dedicated to you. That’s just how we do business.

If you would like to discuss how Nextus Billing Solutions can help your Behavioral Health treatment center, schedule a consultation with us. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn about your needs and how we can help your program thrive.