Mar 29, 2023

Behavioral Health Payment Negotiations


Behavioral Health billing can be an extensive, drawn-out, daunting process that takes much time. One of the most tedious parts of this process is the payment negotiations. At Nextus Billing Solutions, our account managers proudly manage all third-party payment negotiations. We handle the negotiating so that our providers can give their full attention to their patients and clients. Our third-party payment negotiations are a small yet important part of the services that we provide as a billing solutions company. Read on to learn more about Nextus and our Behavioral Heath payment negotiations.

What Are Payment Negotiations?

We specifically want to highlight third-party payment negotiations. What are they? Simply put, third-party payment negotiations are negotiations done between a provider and major third-party negotiators to make sure that fair compensation is reached. While it seems as if this process should be simple and straightforward, it is not always that way. Oftentimes payment negotiations with third parties can take a long time and often end up unfair for the behavioral health provider. That is why it is so beneficial to hire a billing and claims company that is up-to-date on industry standards and willing to go to bat for you and your facility. All behavioral health facilities deserve a billing and claims company that treats their business like its own. That is something we are constantly striving to do at Nextus Billing Solutions, in all areas.

Benefits of Payment Negotiations

One may ask themselves, what are the benefits of having someone handle your third-party payment negotiations? To make a long story short, payment negotiations take up a lot of time and can be a lot of work. As a behavioral health provider, your sole focus should be on your patients and clients. Providing care for someone with these types of problems is something that requires your full attention and care. Providers must not be worried about or caught up in the logistics of something like payment negotiations. This is why Nextus Billing Solutions fights hard to ensure that providers don’t have to.

Nextus and Payment Negotiations

Nextus Billing Solutions takes all third-party payment negotiations very seriously. We fight for your business as if it were our own. We want all of our providers and behavioral Health facilities to be able to trust us with their practice. Our practice is to ensure that each facility we negotiate on behalf of gets compensation that is fair and just. We help our clients so that they have the ability to help others. That is what drives and motivates us to do what we do and treat each payment negotiation with the utmost care.

Taking care of our behavioral health providers will always be our top priority at Nextus Billing Solutions. We work hard to ensure that all third-party payment negotiations are handled with care. We won’t rest until the proper compensation is given. One way we do that is to stay up to date on the latest trends and information within the behavioral health world in order to make sure we go into each negotiation prepared and informed. We are relentlessly transforming the billing and claims service space, one payment negotiation at a time. To learn more, please visit our website today.