Mar 16, 2023

Behavioral Health Facilities & Substance Abuse


Substance abuse is a pattern of using a substance or drug that causes significant problems or distress. It is a rising epidemic in today’s society that is derailing lives left and right. That’s why Behavioral Health Facilities are so important and play such a vital role in our world. They are the unsung heroes that literally help save lives from the ruins of substance abuse. People that are struggling with substance abuse disorder are finding solace and healing in facilities that provide them with the proper attention and care. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we love that we get to partner with these facilities. Our role is to handle the logistics so that they can focus on their patients. Here is some more information on Behavioral Health Facilities and substance abuse:

The Process

Many people aren’t aware of the process of going in to receive care from a Behavioral Health Facility. Not every facility is the same but we wanted to highlight a general approach. It is important to keep in my mind that this likely varies from facility to facility. First, a patient would undergo an initial screening and intake process. This is to help diagnose the substance abuse problem that needs to be solved. From there, it would be decided if the patient needs inpatient or outpatient care. Then, depending on the needs of the patient, they would partake in ongoing treatment with the end goal being to eliminate their substance abuse issues. 

The Goal

While the goals of a Behavioral Health Facility may not all look the same, there is always hope of healing from substance abuse disorder. This process is long, daunting, and requires intense commitment from both the patient and the provider. Dedication is a top requirement for undergoing this type of treatment. It’s weeks, months, and sometimes years of intense care, therapy, and hard work put in. The hope is always that a patient can heal and get their life back. Substance abuse takes someone’s life and turns it completely upside down. With the help of a treatment facility, their life can be turned right side up and transformed. 

Nextus’ Role

At Nextus Billing Solutions, we are so grateful that we get to play a small role in what Behavioral Health Facilities do to treat substance abuse. We get to handle all of the billing and claims on behalf of the facility. Nextus provides account managers that handle payment negotiations, verification of benefits, utilization review, and more. We genuinely care about every client that we partner with. We treat their business like it’s our own because it is. It is always our goal to handle the logistics of billing and claims so that the providers can give their full attention to their patients. We know and respect that the process of seeking treatment for substance abuse disorder requires a lot of commitment for both the patient and the provider. 

Behavioral Health Facilities are imperative to healing from substance abuse disorder. Lives are being saved and changed for the better because of what these facilities are able to provide to their patients. Whether it’s inpatient or outpatient care, there is something for anyone who is struggling with substance abuse. As a billing and claims company, Nextus is honored to specifically partner with Behavioral Health Facilities. We provide the best service possible to our clients so that they can put their full attention on their patients. To learn more about what we provide at Nextus Billing Solutions, please visit our website today.