Apr 30, 2023

Behavioral Health Facilities and Health Insurance


It is important for behavioral health facilities to understand the ins and outs of health insurance and how things work. Nextus Billing Solutions knows how important it is to be informed on how insurance companies work, how they are different for behavioral health treatment, and how data helps when handling health insurance companies. Having knowledge of all of these things is part of how Nextus account managers successfully take on payment negotiations with health insurance companies. We fight to ensure that every facility that we work with gets the compensation that they deserve. Read on to learn more about behavioral health facilities and health insurance: 

How It Works

Since the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, health insurance providers cannot put harsher limitations on behavioral health benefits than on other medical benefits. The equality in the benefits has made a world of a difference for both patients and providers. The Affordable Care Act has also made it so that commercial health insurance providers have to cover mental health benefits. They are required to cover mental and behavioral health inpatient services, substance abuse treatment, and behavioral health treatment. This has made a world of difference for behavioral health facilities and the compensation that they receive. It has also been incredibly impactful for those that struggle with behavioral health problems.

How It’s Different

At Nextus Billing Solutions, it is important for us to inform our clients about how health insurance is different for behavioral health. Unfortunately, insurance coverage does tend to be slightly lighter for behavioral health. Most insurers try to leave behavioral health facilities in the dark when it comes to the coverage they provide. That’s where Nextus comes in. As mentioned before, our account managers fight to ensure that our facilities get the proper compensation. We peel passed the layers that health insurance companies attempt to put in place to keep facilities from knowing what their coverage actually is. We create transparency where it would be otherwise withheld.

How Data Helps

We cannot stress enough how incredibly important data is to keep up with health insurance companies and the coverage they provide for behavioral health. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we make staying up-to-date on data a major priority. The more we know and understand about health insurance coverage, the better we can serve the behavioral health facilities that trust us with their billing and claims. Through keeping up with data, we can provide our clients with information like how much they will be reimbursed by health insurance providers and we are able to direct them towards accepting insurance providers that provide the best coverage and reimbursement.

Nextus Billing Solutions is here to fight on behalf of behavioral health facilities. We understand how vital billing and claims are to the success of a facility. We also understand that health insurance can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to behavioral health. That’s why we make it a priority to stay informed. To learn more about how Nextus can partner with your behavioral health facility, please visit our website today.