May 11, 2022

Behavioral Health Billing Companies Can Be Frustrating

Business woman sits focused at her desk taking notes on a notebook as she reads on her laptop

There are a lot of different reasons that one chooses to open or run a behavioral health treatment program. Some are practical, some are because those clients hold a special place in their hearts. Regardless of the reasons for getting into it, at some point, the business aspect of the endeavor starts to cause some pain points. Billing is often one of those pain points. Unfortunately, dealing with behavioral health billing companies can become a frustration point of its own. Here are a few of those issues and how we fix them.

They Don’t Communicate

One of the most common things we hear is that their current provider never answers the phone. Or, if a message is left, it takes days to return the call. That can be frustrating, and you have every right to be frustrated. Nextus simply does not do that. Our goal is to alleviate your frustrations, not add to them. You are assigned an account manager and a utilization manager who develop a relationship with you. They answer the phones and return calls. It doesn’t become a game of explaining everything to a random customer service rep every time you call. They are there to serve you and your account. They know your treatment program and they know you. If you feel like a partner in the process and not just “caller #7”, then we’re doing it right.

They Make Errors

Errors can cost time and money, both of which are valuable to you. Errors can cause claims to be rejected and not be reimbursed. Or they can cause reimbursement to be delayed or delayed at the incorrect rate. Then, aside from the delay, there is an expense involved in resubmitting the corrected claims. We understand that errors do happen on occasion. That doesn’t mean we have to accept them as being a normal occurrence. Nextus uses layers of review to minimize the chances of errors. Our systematic review process is designed to spot errors and ensure the quality of your submissions to the carriers.

They Hid Information

This is one of the biggest complaints we hear about some behavioral health billing companies. Claims were sent to them and then crickets. Everything happened in a black box, and you had no real information on the status of your claims. Or no information to base income projections on with any reasonable accuracy. Openness and transparency are key to how we do business at Nextus. We tell you what we know when we know it and we don’t avoid your questions. We track everything we do and compare it to the industry so that we can give you accurate estimates on when you can expect reimbursement for your services. An estimate based on data, not on hopes and wishes.

They Didn’t Understand Our Business

Behavioral health treatment does share a lot of things with the medical sector, but it also has its own lane. Medical billing providers will gladly accept your business and continually try to force you into their template. We only do behavioral health billing. This is our lane. We don’t just stay in it, we master it. We understand your programs because many of our employees have worked in programs like yours. Limiting ourselves to only behavioral health programs allows us to focus clearly on what is happening with legislation, carrier changes and industry trends more effectively.

If you are ready to discuss how Nextus Billing Solutions can help your program be more effective and relieve some of your frustrations, contact us for a consultation. We would love to tell you more and let you get back to doing the work you enjoy.