Dec 29, 2022

A Successful New Year of Billing and Claims

Reading glasses holding open a notebook with notes written in it about behavioral health billing, next to a MacBook Air, pencil case, and iPhone

The new year is upon us and Nextus Billing Solutions wants to help your behavioral health facility be set up for success. We offer a number of services that can and will make starting 2023 successful and easy. It is always our hope to partner with our clients and makes sure that they can fully trust us with one of the most important parts of their business. We are relentlessly transforming the billing and claims service space. Our services are top-of-the-line and specifically designed to give providers peace of mind when it comes to their facility’s billing and claims. Here is some information about the services we provide at Nextus Billing Solutions:

Credentialing & Management

At Nextus Billing Solutions, we provide credentialing and contract management. We take care of the important paperwork so you can focus on your patients and clients! It matters to us that you’re able to start the new year with confidence that you can give your patience 100% of your attention. 

Verification of Benefits

Verifying benefits can be a tedious task but it is also very important. At Nextus, we spend hours on the phone verifying benefits so you don’t have to. We go above and beyond to treat your business like it’s our own because it is. This is a statement we have operated by for as long as we’ve been around and we will continue to live by this statement in the new year. 

Utilization Review

Accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency are among some of the most important parts of managing billing and claims. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we ensure accuracy and timeliness to provide your facility with the most efficient results. Our utilization review truly is second to none. We provide the best of the best so that you can always have full confidence in us. 

Billing & Claims

Total and complete transparency is something we are striving to encourage all of our clients to value in the new year. Nextus Billing Solutions provides just that when it comes to handling your billing and claims. We have open communication with our clients and allow them to have the same look at their billing and claims that we have. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Our exclusive software, Cereus, sets Nextus Billing Solutions apart from other billing and claims companies. With Cereus, we are able to visualize your facility’s revenue cycle as well as track real-time data. This sort of service is groundbreaking and certainly something that could enhance your billing and claims in the new year. 

Payment Negotiations

Another incredible service that we offer at Nextus is payment negotiations. We handle all third-party negotiations on behalf of you and your business. We are the middleman that you can trust to get negotiations done right so that you are compensated the way you deserve to be. 

Account Management 

At Nextus, we always strive to put people first. Our account management service exemplifies this in every way. We give each of our clients a specific account manager that dedicates their time and efforts to making sure your billing and claims are managed properly. This service is sure to set you up for success in the new year. 

As we ring in the new year and welcome 2023, we look forward to being able to share our service with more behavioral health facilities and providers. To learn more, visit our website today!