Mar 11, 2022

5 Ways Nextus Can Help Your Behavioral Health Practice

Young doctor sitting at a small table and filling out paperwork next to a laptop, coffee mug, and thermometer

The stresses of billing can often stand in the way of what you’re trying to achieve within your Behavioral Health Program. At Nextus Billing Solutions, our mission is to provide proficiency in outcome maximization for patient-provider relationships. In short, we seek to take away the burden of billing management so that you can better focus on your patients. Our focus is on our clients so that they focus on their clients. We can successfully achieve this through several different strategies. Here are 5 ways Nextus can help your Behavioral Health Program:

Dedicated Staff

Our commitment at Nextus Billing Solutions is to treat your business as our own. We know and understand how important your Behavioral Health Program is to you, and it is just as important to us. One way we can care for your program as if it were our own is through our dedicated staff. We can provide you with a single contact from our team. This ensures effective communication and efficient workflow. 

Utilization Review

Because we work to treat your program as our own, we pride ourselves on impeccable utilization reviews. What this means is that our utilization professionals are committed to maximizing your patients’ Behavioral Health insurance benefits. We ensure that your patients receive the highest level of care while increasing their continued stay. Longevity within a facility helps ensure full recovery for your patients. Through this utilization review, we can maximize our value to both your patients and you.

Negotiations and Claim Reconsiderations

Third-party payment negotiations can be a hassle. It can feel as if you’re never fully getting what you deserve as a Behavioral Health provider. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we have the winning formula for this. We believe that you deserve the maximum amount possible from insurance carriers. Our skilled team handles third-party negotiations so you, the provider, don’t have to. We will go after every single dollar you and ensure that the insurance carriers are giving you exactly what you deserve as the provider. 

Behavioral Health Industry Standards

A unique service that we provide at Nextus Billing Solutions is staying up to date on the latest Behavioral Health Industry Standards. We feel that by keeping ourselves knowledgeable on what is happening in the industry, we can provide you and your facility with more up-to-date and consistent standards for claims processing. This is one of the strategies that allow us to go above and beyond to ensure that we are providing you the best of the best in billing solutions.


Before we dive into the logistics of your Behavioral Health Program’s billing solutions, we think it’s very important to have a consultation with you. Through this, we can better understand your program and the needs that it has. Consultations provide us with the best possible insight into industry best practices. From a consultation, we can gather the information needed to provide a unique and tailored billing program for you. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we believe every facility is different and deserves a service that is specific to them and their needs. 

Billing within your facility should not take your focus off of patients. At Nextus Billing Solutions, we provide several strategies that allow you to shift your attention back to your patients. As a provider, we know how important the well-being of your clients is to you. Through our dedicated staff, optimal utilization review, negotiations, claims reconsiderations, constant insight into behavioral health industry standards, and consultations we can significantly help your Behavioral Health Program. Reach out today and let Nextus Billing Solutions help you.